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Give people hugs, compliment someone, sing even if you’re off-tune~ Thought it was time for another positive bunny post to cheer a few people up. >u<


I am waiting ‘till the day I wake up and see a teaser picture of Super Junior 7jib.

Put a kpop group in my ask box and I will tell you which member(s) I would:


  • Kiss:
  • Hug:
  • Marry:
  • Live with:
  • Be the little sister/brother to:
  • Bring on a picnic:
  • Take a romantic walk with:
  • Keep as a friend:
  • Hit a lot: 
  • Give a massage whenever he/she wants to:
  • Do anything for:

come on, send in groups! \(^o^)/

(Fuente: jseops)


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